Juan les Pins, Antibes, Cap d’Antibes

I spend most of the time in Juan les Pins (it’s close to Antibes) with beautiful beaches!!! Have some french cheese and amazing wine and you really think-it doesn’t get better than this!

The best place to be in september or may-chill at the beach and relax in 28 degrees C. July and August were even too hot for me. Oh by the way-I just had to be there the only day it snowed in 20years!

Beach bars and restaurants in juan les pins are great for relaxing with friends – some of them can be pricey-but there is always an option of a picnick ;)

now this was extreme- snow in Antibes where everyone is used to heat! just one day in december

And next to Juan les Pins is ANTIBES! the best strawberry gelato is there! mmmm  from local food markets to Picaso museum to irish pub – there is something for everyone (wow i sound like an advertisment..) the is also a port (as in many cities there) but this one has some of the biggest boats ever

I love swimming and I joined Antibes swimming club (yes I know- as if the beach wouldn’t be enough) they have 2 outdoor pools and one indoor pool

If you like long walks (I mean really long walks) then you will like CAP D’Antibe. You can walk by the coast where all the villas or millionaires are protected by huge walls and cliffs or go to the top of le cap d’antibe where there is a charming little palace and the lighthouse, which is the only place where you can see both- cannes and nice. A nightime view is soooooo romantic!

the walk around the cap takes around 2 hours.. but it’s so worth it.. if u like adrenalin you can try cliff-jumping