Now,one of my favourites is MONACO – it’s a glamurous city surrounded with mountains, expensive cars and extravagant parties! and boats – lots of insane big beautifulllll boats!

The port with boats and of course a swimming pool in the middle. By the way there is a great ice cream place by the entrance of the train station. Italian ice cream –  the proper one-coz Italy is just 10min away… Anyway- the best way is to go to the Prince’s Palace first (where I took these pictures from) – but be aware it quite a climb so it might be worth it to pay the 1euro for the bus ride up the hill (note to ladies – DON’T wear high heels! seriously). The shops and Monte Carlo casino is on the other side of Monaco – so you will have to go down the hill and then up again (or be lazy and take a bus). depends on your leg strength (I usually walked to get some excercise work out before that amazing ice cream).

and more boats! there is just this atmosphere – daytime just walking around and night at a club like Karement – u just can’t do anything but smile

there are also lots of sports related events – Ironman, tour de france AND F1

probably the most famous part- Monte Carlo Casino and Opera House.. just fabulous! no photos allowed inside-sorry guys- you will just have to go there and take a look yourselves

And when you think it is the busiest place in the world – I go and find the cutest Japanese garden by the avenue Princesse-Grace.. a whole different world.. This one is admission free. There are also other gardens like the Exotic garden and Observation Cave (7euro entry) you can check them out here.

The nightlife in Monaco is even more amazing than daytime.. Fabulous is the word to describe it. Stars’n’bars is a great sports bar for evening cocktails. Jimmy’z is also very popular. But the best time I had in Karé(ment) dancing till morning and enjoying their terrace with amazing beach view – it’s just gorgeous!! It’s near the Japanese garden in Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum. The entry is usually 20euros and so worth it!!!