Nice is nice

If you decide to take off a day from beach – go to NICE. The architecture is beautifull and there is a good choice of shops. The most famous one is galerie lafayette. It’s not cheap at all- but it is riviera it wouldnt work any other way.

I took this picture during Carnival de Nice – it’s in Feburary. My advice is not to buy tickets for the seats-coz you will might get borred- instead take a walk around and have some fun!

The pest panoramic view of Nice is from Mont Boron which is 190meter high hill (another excercise to do) there ir also a park and refreshing waterfall (u will need a refershment in that heat!)

Then walk down to the beautifullll old Nice

then grab a baguette and wine – or go to a local restaurant and treat yourself

But save some space in your stomach, because if you are in Nice and you like ice-cream, you HAVE TO try Fenocchio ice cream -the have loads of flavours even extreme ones like tomato, cactus and beer (yes it actually tasted like beer-crazy!) I opted for sratwberry, coco and chocolate

Promenade des Anglais is the perfect place for an evening run or rollerblading. Or a lazy day in cabana or one of the blue chairs (chaises bleues) as the beach in Nice is not the perfect white sand one). Or take a relaxing walk in January when there are no tourists around.. coz in July and August there are loads of tourists

But when it’s the tourist season you can do something like this –

On the other side of the Mont Boron is the Port of Nice – another adorable area