Riviera beaches

the beaches are the most important part of french riviera. i prefer sandy beaches and my to 3 are: Juan les pins, villefranche and antibes..

Juan les Pins have a choice of private and public beaches-whichever you prefer.. Just a minute walk from the train station and many buses go to juan les pins from cannes, antibes etc

It is impossible to show how breautiful Villefranche beach is in a photo – so I swam in and took a video. Just take a train to Villefranche and the beach is right there! (p.s. don’t be scared – i’m not drowning although it might sound so)

Antibes beach is also one of my favourites.  The view is fantastic – just swim and look at mountains and you can see all the way to Nice (depending in which part of beach you are) There is a small beach where you can get through the port and a bigger beach between Antibes and Cap d’antibes: