a day in Brighton

Brighton is one of the few places in UK where you can enjoy beach. I prefer sandy beaches-like in Bournemouth, but this one is very nice. And being only 1h30min drive away from London (or Southampton) it is a great weekend get-away spot! I spend there around 4hours as I only had one day free – took a look walk by the beach & explored the city centre

The seaside o course is the main place where to take long walk, sunbathe and chill.. and it looks cute too

The word that best describes Brighton is ‘random’.. as I saw many random things there.. random funny looking cars, random bands playing in front of a shop or by the road.. something cute about it

random cars attracted my attention

so did random bands

A must see is the Royal Pavilion – these are exotic oriental looking buildings – chinoiserie style. Its right in the city center some 10min walk from the Brighton Pier.

There are many different shops and shopping malls-like in every other city in England :)

Back to the beach – Brighton Pier is the place to get some ice cream or candy and there are some rides and carousels for kids

Lots of seagulls wanted to pose for my camera-this was the prettiest one