Channel Islands – herm island

Herm island is a really small and cute island. It is just 3miles from Guernsey. Travel Trident sales from Guernsey to St Peter Port to Herm 8 times a day costs 10pounds for return ticket. It is so small you can walk around it probably in an hour or less.. I went there for a day just to chill at the beach but there are some self catering cottages and one hotel on the island.

there are no cars.. just cows and bulls. really peaceful island with no cars and no hassle

It’s the perfect place to take a walk or just relax and enjoy beautiful beaches

We went to a perfect little beach called Belvoir Bay. It looked like from a movie with turquoise blue water… exotic

It’s just gorgeous!!! But the water was SO COLD! I of course jumped in anyway.. the sun was so hot that the freezing cold water was just alright