Latgale – Latvian coutry side

Although I am from Latvia, I am like a tourist every time I visit the country. I haven’t live there for 3 years and now I can really appreciate all the wonderful things about it.

For those who don’t know where Latvia is -well google it :) Latvia tourism portal also has some useful info.

This time I drove to the east side of Latvia. It is a beautiful and very green part of Latvia called Latgale or the Land of Blue lakes.  I drove with car from Riga-as this is the best way to get there and get around. You can also get a bus or train (public transport in Latvia is a lot cheaper than in ost European countries). But once you get there- it is better to have a car or bicycle. Here is my route:

I spent there 5 days, drove total of 700km (435miles) and it was a total relaxation a real eco holiday with forests, lakes, meadows etc. BUT get some anti mosquite sprey, because there are loads of them. I was a mosquito food for 5 days..

We drown down by the river Daugava and saw some amazing panoramic views. First we went to a town called Malta which is 20km to Rēzekne city.

Then we went to Rēzekne which is one of the biggest cities in Latvia but very different to the capital. Rezekne is surrounded by two higest hills in Latgele (Mākoņkalns and Lielais Liepu Kalns) and also the two largest lakes (Lubāns and Rāznas lake). I also took a sunset swim in Verukšnas lake:

Rēzekne market: here you can find anything from food to clothes (a lot of funny old style stuff). But there you will not see a sign that says “organic vegetables ” because pretty much all the local fruits, vegetables etc are organic, and really tasty. I ate many kilograms of strawberries and cherries that weekend :)

Next we went to Kārsava. But we mostly explored the villages outside the city just because the nature is so beautiful. If you are used to having a pool by your house, people in Latvian countryside are used to having a pond by your house.

Then we drove by the border of Latvia/Russia and got to Baltinava.. that is the place to go if you really want to get away from everything.. Not only I couldn’t gt the internet to work in my phone, I also had to climb on the nearest hill to get reception on my cell phone.. I didn’t – I just enjoyed the berries I found by the forest yummy