Tourist went to POSITIVUS Festival 2010

Positivus is a music festival in Salacgrīva, Latvia (about 100km up North form the capita Riga). It is on for 2 nights and the day in between. this Year it was on the 16-17 July. Me and more than 30,000 other people had so much fun! There were many stages, some also at the beach – perfect for dancing and warm sea -perfect for midnight swim ;)

This year there were: MUSE, Scissor Sisters, Goran Gora, Asto’n’out, Happy Mondays, Stornoway, Kira Kira, Unkle, Popidiot and many others…

After midnight, when there were no more bands on the 2 big main stages – I spend most of my time on the 2 dance floors at the beach.. The drinks were pretty cheap -a mixer or sider was 1,50Lats (2,1Euros)

Couple hours (or none for some) of sleep and the party can begin again

Or If you are to tired from sleeping in a tent the night before-do some beach yoga!

Or like me- do some crazy things like this – catapult.. about 20m high.. the funny thing is that you could use it if you but 2 coctails at the LB beach bar..

This was the best place to chill – of course most of the hammocks were used by romantic couples..

It is nice to get outside the festival and explore Salacgrīva. By the way its only costs around 3Lats (4,2Euros) to take the bus from Riga to Salacgriva -more info here.