The adventure begins – Theme parks in Florida

This was my best trip so far – 2 weeks in USA… here is how I spend 2 amazing days of my trip!

All the nine hours in the plane I was smiling like crazy and couldn’t wait to land in Florida.. It was my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic– and I really enjoyed it (a-good choice of movies, b-nice gluten-free meal c-overall really good airline). Anyway- I landed at 5pm on the 3rd May and it was 28 degrees C!!! and so many palm trees! And everything is big – roads, cars, houses – loving the spaciousness!

I am not a child anymore- but you have to go for it and live your childhood dreams. DISNEYWORLD is the best way to spend your first day in Orlando!  There is amazing choice of theme parks in Orlando – so you could spend all your vocation living in the fantasy world and never get bored! Walt Disney World Resort is so huge!!! As this was my first time – I chose Magic Kingdom Park.


All the Europeans will love the size here – food size.. this is a SMALL raspberry sorbet (no fat but still sweet), I would say it’s a XXL size. Was very happy about this one!

Disneyland was great, but I prefer  Island of Adventure which is part of Universal Orlando Resort!

I am adrenaline junkie and there roller coasters there were the best ever!

My favourites are: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – a crazy fast ride where you choose the music you are listening during the ride, Spider-man – a 3D ride where you really feel like you are IN the movie, The Incredible Hulk – is simply amazing roller coaster (the picture above)

I really suggest you to go there off-peak. Because especially during school holidays there are long lines and too many people.  I went there in the beginning of May – it was already hot, but no line for the rides in theme parks! :) Of course there is plenty to do and see besides the roller coasters.

This time I saved the best for the end – video of the Dueling Dragons. Sorry about the screaming and my language-but I just couldn’t help it!

I spent a whole day in each park – and loved every second of it!