all-in-one travel adaptor

Apparently finding an UK to European adaptor in Copenhagen is close to mission impossible! I asked at the tourism information office and they sent me to a shop which sometimes has it  (Kop&Knade) – but of course this time they didn’t have it!

All me electrical goods are from UK and when my only travel adaptor broke, I had a really hard time finding one. Of course I could order one online – but I coudln’t way for days as I needed one asap.

I went to 7 different stores to find one.. They only had European to UK – but not the other way around… But I managed to find one in Fona, close to Vesterport Station.. It’s called Fujifilm World Adaptor – it’s quite expensive (200DKK, 28EUR or 25GBP) but it’s a very good investment for those who travel a lot! This one adaptor has a all-in-one design and you can use it in Australia, Chhina, Uk, Europe, USA – whichever way you want!! Get it – it’s great!!