save the beach – rubbish hotel

No, am I not saying that some hotel is rubbish. This hotel is literary made out of rubbish. Save the Beach Hotel is now in Madrid. The hotel is constructed out of twelve tons of items found littered on Europe’s beaches and is designed to raise awareness of the plight of coastlines and seas around the world.

About 30% to 40% of the objects found in the temporary guesthouse were found on beaches in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. German artist Ha Schult rebuilt the five-bedroom hotel he showed in Rome last summer to draw attention to the massive amount of waste generated by mass tourism in Europe.

If you have a a strong environmental commitment give it a try.. I’d like to see it.. Interesting tourism product – plus I think that fun ideas like this are far better than most of the boring eco campaigns!

I found this on BBC and the Independent if you want more info ;)

You can check out Save the Beach Facebook page too..