world’s highest restaurant

Dubai is really going for ‘the -est’, the highest, the biggest, the richest.. etc. Burj Khalifa is the worlds tallest building (828 meters!!!) located in Downtown Dubai.. It was opened a year ago with world’s highest observation deck and Armani designed hotel, but last Sunday it opened the world’s highest restaurant called ‘Atmosphere‘. The restaurant also has a Facebook Page

The restaurant is on the 122nd floor which is 422meters up in the sky.. not just the restaurant is high – so are the prices ;) I don’t think that the sky high prices will come in the way of it’s popularity – it will only increase level of luxury and UNaccesability for some.. but what else would you expect for the finest luxury dining on the top of the world – literary!

I found a nice video on msnbc website about this and also on youtube:

“Up here, you feel elegant and luxurious, you feel sexy,” said the restaurant’s designer, Adam Tihany, pointing to the mahogany-paneled rooms and cozy leather booths. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a table with A VIEW and dining on the top of the world.

If you’d like to go there – of course book in advance. By the way if you want to go to the observation deck in Burj Khalifa – booking advance can make it 4 times cheaper!

I also found that 360cities website is quite nice to check out the views of Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

 Although I have always been concerned of all the restrictions of UAE, which is even more complicated for me as a woman usually traveling alone.. things like this restaurant just fascinates me about Dubai :)