Nice job! Riga – Latvia

I am so happy to see that destination marketing in Latvia is finally picking up! Especially when I appreciate Latvia and Riga so much more since I moved away and explore it as a tourist every time I go back.

Lets start with Citada Latvija Project – which means ‘Different Latvia’ in translation. The site is in Latvian – but don’t work as the most important part of it are the amazing pictures!! This all is made by Lithuanian photographer Kestutis Fedirkaand with his little radio-controlled aircraft “Šarka “(Magpie).

The other site I found today is made by Freeport of Riga– or more precise their amazing video (of coure with lots of cruise ships as they have to advertise themselves..) You can also see the video  on YouTube (Directo Dainis Klava, Producer Uldis Cekulis)

Great job guys! You really made my day!