Backpacking in North America – GA, FL, CA, BC

Hello travelers.. first of all – sorry for being a lazy blogger and just too busy to post.. I have spent the last year in New York (exploring it day and night, it feels like I have not slept a year and it was worth it!) and the last month traveling around US and Canada and a bit of Iceland and Europe..

Now I am back in cozy Denmark and will post about my adventures during the dark and cozy evenings.

I will start with my most recent ‘little’ trip where I will make a post about each city I visited. But first let me impress you by telling you that traveling expenses (flights + ground transportation/ buses and trains) costed me just around 1000 USD to visit these cities:

New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver (back to Seattle), New York, Reykjavik (that’s in Iceland) and London

Yes, and $1000 is including the flight to Europe with the cheap Iceland Air flight to London through Reykjavik

Here, I even made a map with the good old Paint :)


So, to explain – my Trip started In NYC and I have marked the biggest cities I visited, although there were some more like Santa Cruz and Sausalito

Purple arrows – flights with Delta – cheap airline and will get you there.. but nothing more.. nothing. But hey how else can you get from Seattle to NYC for $156!!! Saved around 400 by not flying from Vancouver – instead took a 3 hour bus to Seattle and flew from there.

Green arrowsVirgin America – love them! cheap but modern and make flying enjoyable again. if you follow their Facebook page you can find 20% discounts etc quite often

Orange arrows – ground transport: trains and buses

Biggest save as $12 ticket for 8 hour bus ride from Atlanta to Orlando with Megabus. Being a broke just graduate traveler I really did not mind to sleep in a bus for a night if it is so damn cheap and gets me to Florida.

Other services I used were Boltbus from Seattle to Vancouver. I usually love them as they are cheap, super comfortable big seats, have free WiFi etc. This time the bus was an hour late – so the refunded our tickets – so yeah still a good service although they are mostly on the East Coast.

Then I also used Greyhound bus going to Santa Cruz and from Vancouver back to Seattle. Decent prices if you book online and they also have a small student discount & cover a lot of cities in US. On my way I met two girls from Austria who used Greyhond pretty much for all their travels in California

Oh yes, and from LA to San Diego I took a train. Yes, they do have public transport in Cali but seriously, It million times easier with your own car (mind the crazy traffic jams though). The most convenient train there is Amtrak, which is also a bit pricey usually compared to buses. BUT there is also a cheaper regional/ commuter train called Metrolink – it does not go all they way to San Diego, but to Oceanside whe you have to catch a bus. An the train ride ir gorgeous!!!

And what I am the most proud of? I did it all with just one backpack (which my NYC ‘parents’ Christina & Ryan kindly let me borrow). This is me and the backpack in LA


Oh yes and I did not use a single hotel during the trip! Thanks to all the friends who let me stay on they couches, beds, lazy-boys and even boats :)

Oh, and this was also the first time I tried out Couch-surfing and loved it – met so many amazing people! For those who don’t know – there are nice people all around the world who let globetrotters stay a night (or two or more) on their couch and show you around so you have the best insight from a local perspective. I used a website which is a legit site where you can surf for or offer a couch (and check that they are not serial killers) or just meet great and laid back people during your travels

New York was my base for a year (as I went there for a 6 month internship, was enchanted by this crazy city and stayed until I could no longer extend my J1 Visa). During this year I also traveled to Boston, Miami, Washington DC and Dominican Republic – but about that a bit later..