Where do you like to watch your movie? Swimming pool!

I was completely in love with the whole idea of watching movies under stars this summer in New York. It happens in various locations around the city (beaches,parks and rooftops mostly) and is a wonderful experience whether you are a local or a tourist.

In my opinion one of best locations is in Bryant Park in Manhattan- that was the perfect movie place for Mondays. It just felt so surreal to watch a movie while having a pick-nick in a scenic location just by the Public Library (yes, the same where Carrie was supposed marry Mr.Big ladies.. yes what a surprise I am a fan of Sex & the City).


As you can see in the picture, It does get pretty crowded so make sure to be there early.. We even saw a fight – someone stepped on someones blanket lol


It did look kinda spooky and charming. And oh yes, it is FREE! Which makes sense, why it gets so crowded.

Another one I tried was Summer on the Hudson -which was on West side at the Riverside Park.


They also showed movies in Central park, Brooklyn and Hoboken which has amazing view of Manhattan skyline.. You can find out more info about free summer movies in NYC on NYCgo website.

BUT the reason why I am telling you about this, is because I was reminded of creativity of Danes. As you probably know the weather is cold and damp in Denmark at this time of the year so no-one sane would watch movie under stars now..

So the Aarhus Film Festival is organizing to wast a movie in a swimming pool!  It is called SWIM THE FILM. You can read more about it on the website in English. Awesome idea! Image