ATLANTA, GA was my first top in the US/Canada trip.

It’s easy to get there pretty much from everywhere. I took Delta from New York JFK airport as that was the cheapest option as was just $98. Atlanta airport is big and also has many international flights, I was told it is crazy busy and hard to get around which I could not agree with as I had no problems there.. If you are scared of flying, or want something even cheaper: I managed to score a $12 bus ride from Atlanta to Orlando with Megabus. Great deal if you don’t mind a 8 hour bus-ride: great for backpackers. And look at this crazy traffic! One of the reasons it is better to travel at night..

It was really great there, nice weather (meaning HOT) and huge houses and a lot of Southern hospitality. Georgia was more hilly than I expected -you can check tourism info on Georgia tourism website and read info on Atlanta here.

There is plenty of stuff to do and see like the Georgia Aquarium which is pretty awesome but as I have been to a few before I decided to explore downtown and Centennial Olympic Park – it is all walkable distance. Great place to hang out and they have a lot of events going on. As the 1996 Olympic Games were in Atlanta they have plenty of facilities where you can watch or do sport, like the Georgia Tech Swimming pool.

One of the most unique things I did in ATL was the tour in CNN headquarters. It is $15 and is very interesting to see how it all works.

And by accident, I happened to be in Atlanta when the DragonCon was on! For those of you who don’t know what it is (like me for example) – it is a huge convention for science fiction, fantasy, comics etc. They have a big parade and many after parties where you can see people with great, crazy and absolutely insane costumes.

It was a great fun to watch. It was on the Labor day weekend (beginning of September) – so if you want to visit Atlanta during that time be aware most hotels are fully booked way in advance.

You can see quite a few look-a-likes, most popular o course was Superman and Captain Jack Sparrow and few celebrities like actors, and directors and there was also the guy who came up with the spider-man story (I apologize but I don’t remember his name). But here: I have a photo of Lou Ferrigno – the Incredible Hulk

I took so many picture as there were so many crazy dressed up people.. but I am just giving you a teaser here.

Oh, and it was quite funny when after the Dragon Con Parade I went to Quiznos to get some salad and look.. chiefs eat fast food too!