ARoS Modern Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark

ARoS is one of the biggest tourism attractions in Aarhus (the second biggest city in Denmark – it’s also written as Århus).


The most exciting part of ARoS is the Rainbow Panorama view


Its really interesting to see the city in “colour”





I could put million photos of just the colour play in the panorama tunnel. The entrance is 100DKK (thats like 13Eur or 17USD) – of course it is free for children and discounts for students and so on.


Besides modern art that you can always see in ARoS – right now there is Edward Munch exhibition which attracts a lot of poeple, especially on weekends, so it is a good idea to book the tickets in advance.


I also saw the Tony Matelli (american artist living in New York) exhibition which is interesting, controversial, disturbing, funny, amusing..


His sculptures are very realistic..


Reversed lilies – simple strange turned image. Has some poetry in it.  And some are just funny – how a museum would look after a party?


As I am currently in Aarhus -I will be posting more info about this cute city (which Danes call the smallest big city in the world). But meanwhile you can find more infor on VisitArhus website