Staro Rīga Festival lights up Riga

I went to visit my hometown Riga last weekend and it so happened to be the Independence day aka the 94th birthday of Latvia.

If you visit Latvia during autumn/ winter this is probably one of the best times to visit for several reasons. Besides the firework the city had Staro Riga Festival for the fifth year in a row. As it gets dark quite early – the light installations really make the city come alive

I like that the lights playing on the facades of buildings are complimented by music like the of the Opera House.

Took so many pictures of the Opera that now I just spent and hour choosing which ones to post

I also like that fact that the installations become more and more interactive. Like this one where you could play a game ON a building

One of my favourites was a smart way of sending your message for everyone to see on the wall of the Powder Tower (Pulvertornis). I do not have a picture of that but I am sure you can find some on Staro Riga Facebook Page.

And I almost forgot to tell you that it was actually not that cold yet: around 3-5 degrees Celsium

It was nice to see the city buzzing with people – with it is certainly not as crowded with people as for example New York

Of course, if you visit the city during the Independence day, you must remember that a lot of places will be closed – but most shops, cafes and bars are open

Love that all the bridges were lit up in different colours

And of course – the grand finale – fireworks best seen from the Stone Bridge (Akmens tilts)