26 hours in LA

My next stop in backpacking trip was Los Angeles, CA


This place is sure special. I was surprised how huge and diverse is LA. You can see a lot of crazy and funny stuff in the Venice Beach while going for a relaxing walk


And the beaches.. so many beautiful beaches! Next time I want to go surfing in the famous Huntington Beach and watch one of the surfing competitions. This trip was just e teaser – and I know I will be back. And next time I’ll try to be there during NBA season and go to LA Lakers game. And I like the picture above with Marilyn Monroe wearing Lakers jersey


One of the best parts of my trip was a bike ride to Santa Monica. Breathtaking scenic drive – photos do not show justice!


And of course the Santa Monica Pier – can’t have a post of LA without it


Traffic for sure is crazy busy in LA so make sure not to hit rush hour which is almost every hour of the day. But having a bike or a car is a must for this huge city


I went to the Griffith Observatory to have a better look at the Hollywood sign. It’s also a great place where to have a view of whole LA, also a great night time view from up there!


This time I skipped the Hollywood Boulevard because of traffic – I have a think of leaving something for the next time, just to make sure I will come back. But I did go to a movie screening – that felt real authentic LA (what ever real LA is supposed to be)


I have 2 hours to spare before my train to San Diego so I decided to explore a bit.. just in front of the LA train station was a square with street musician which led to a tiny street full of Mexican restaurants and souvenirs. I swear it felt like I were in Mexico! So cute! Nice way to have a lunch with a mariachi band playing for you


I went for a sugary coconut sweet – so delicious! My blood was filled with sugar and coconut straight away.


Don’t make the mistake I made and go to LA for more than 26 hours!