San Diego, California

The next stop (and maybe the best stop) in my backpacking trip through US was San Diego. I fell in love with San Diego the minute I arrived, no maybe even earlier – the whole train ride from LA to San Diego was spectacular!


I arrived with the sunset.. I met a German woman there who had gone to SD for a few days and stayed few weeks – and I can completely understand her! The city is a perfect size – not too big, not too small. And so cheap! the public transport costs only $5 for the whole day, the Mexican food is cheap and amazing (the best Mexican food I have ever had!) and the surf rental can be as little as just $10 a day! What else do you need in summer?


I was staying in Mission beach which is the perfect location – between the ocean and the bay. The tiny streets are in alphabetical order so you can’t get lost. And most things are in walkable distance, but it’s also real nice to rent a bike down there


It really is a paradise on earth. Plenty of cafes where to get breakfast. The most popular one is right between Mission beach and Pacific beach – it’s called Kono’s Surf Club Cafe, there is always a line, but it’s worth it!


I went for a run at 6am and it was a bit cloudy so I did a mistake and did not put on a sunscreen. Wow the sun came out and I got burned! But it’s nice heat, not too hot, and cools down a bit in the evening. I definitely prefer the West cast weather – less humidity and more enjoyable heat.


And it was the first time I surfed in the Pacific ocean.. ok, enough with surf photos this time. Lets move to the city. I loved the Old Town San Diego. A great free entrance attraction and great place to get souvenirs.


It was so cute and peaceful and completely different to the beach scene or modern downtown scene


It just feel s like a different whorl. It’s the place where California was born (the first Europeans settled there), but it sure feels like Mexico.


Down town is very modern and relaxed. There are plenty of events going on as


The huge San Diego Convention Center attracts a lot of conferences and evens. I also like the the airport is easy and quick to get to.


It really is paradise with so much to see and do in sunny San Diego with the most perfect blue sky. And this was September