Welcome to San Francisco

One of my best days in my backpacking trip was surfing in the morning in San Diego and cooling down in the evening in San Francisco. It’s only one hour flight away. I flew with Virgin America as I love their service and prices are cheap – I paid just $50 for the flight


The first thing that come to my mind are the cable cars in SF. As one ride costs $6 it definitely makes sense to buy the day pass for all public transport for $14. I am sure you don’t want to climb the hills in SF!  You can fine more info on San Francisco Travel website.


SF had a wonderful relaxed vibe. Just like in the movies. And all the land marks! I think I took more than 100 picture of the Golden Gate Bridge alone which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Its amazing how the clouds reveal different parts of the bridge every time you look at it.


Amazing part of San Francisco are all the different neighborhoods. The oldest and largest Chinatown in US is in San Francisco.


Height Ashbury or the “Summer of Love” is a very colourful Victorian style neighborhood.


A lot of funny buildings, happy hippies and vintage shops


Just Listen to this wall :)

The Civic Center is another must see thing in SF. Another way to explore SF is with BART – that’s the name of their train what goes all the way to SFO Airport


SF is so diverse and such a great mix-up of variety that I almost feel that each neighborhood should have a separate post..


Embarcadero and Financial District is modern and posh. Ferry building is another must see. and of course you can access SF by ferry as well. Not as famous but also spectacular is the Bay Bridge connecting SF to Oakland. I also had a chance to cross it when I to a bus to Santa Cruz to ride some waves for a day.


And look at this building above – reminds me of the Flatiron Building in New York. Kinda gives you an East coast flare. Especially the Union Square. But at the same time SF keeps its own edgy identity


I love how much influence Arts have in the city.