Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is a popular Spanish island to visits. During summer months it is overloaded with tourists at the resorts nearby the capital of the island Palma. We decided to enjoy the last sun in November when most touristy places are already closed but places that are still open have very good deals.


The Cathedral of Palma is one of the must see places. The Palma city resembles Barcelona but it is much smaller so you can easily walk around. Oh and you can get to Palma very easily from the airport (PMI) with bus number 1, it will only cost you 1,5 euro. The airport is very close to Palma, around 8km if I remember correctly. Since we landed very late and did not want to change buses to get to our resort in Palmanova we took a taxi (30min around 40 eur).


We were wondering around Palma one evening and found this fantastic bar cafe with amazing atmosphere. And amazing sangria! It is on Carrer Arabí, this taverna/ bar is very cozy and antique.


Outof our 2 and a half days in Mallorca we spent one evening exploring the bars in Palma and a half day just wandering around the city before our flight back. Event in the low season when there is nothing much happening in the resorts – Palma is still full of life.


Shopping in Mallorca is pretty decent, you have most of you typical European shops plus some small local shops. I heard there are some Spanish outlets outside Palma but we did not go there.


We were very lucky with the weather as it is not usually beach weather in November. We went there first weekend of November and it was still warm – around 22 – 24 degrees Celsius.


Oh and as for restaurant recommendations in Palma de Mallorca – you should definitely try this French restaurant just by the La Rambla.  La Poule Toquee has amazing tuna steak. Really nice!

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Yumm, enjoy Palma!