Plitvice National Park

Let’s start with the fact that Croatia is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. Its is beautiful, affordable and has everything a nature can offer. One of must see places in Croatia is the Plitvice National Park or the Plitvice Lakes. No photos or videos can do justice to this place. Astonishing lakes in the mountains. The name in Croatian is ‘Plitvička jezera’ and it is basically fairy-tale looking forest full of lakes, caves and waterfalls.


Now get ready, there is going to be a lot of walking.. in the mountains. Theare are lower lakes and upper lakes – and did a whole thing which meant 8hours of walking and taking photos. But you don’t have to do the whole thing – there are several routes which you can find on the website


It is the oldest National Park in Southeast Europe and the biggest one in Croatia – we spent a whole day there. True nature lovers spend even few days up there. Oh yes and the park is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage


There are many travel agencies that can take you there but they then to be very costly. Some nice locals suggested us to take a local intercity bus and just buy entrance tickets – which we did and were very glad about this advice. We to a 2 hour bus from Zadar and I know there should be buses going from major cities like Zagreb and Split. The entrance in the park costs 110 KN (around 15eur). Make sure you ask the bus driver when are the buses going back – you don’t want to miss that!


There are many other national Parks in Croatia but this one is definitely number one to visit. I have heard that it should be great in the winter too and you could go skiing near Plitvice too.


Oh, and we did not plan to take the long rout, we took it by accident and do not regret it!



There are  A LOT of visitors and you are not allowed to swim in the lakes but I promise you will have a great time there :) And remember it is a few degrees colder in the mountains.. Enjoy – I did!