Brazil is wonderful! There are no pictures and videos good enough to describe it.. but I will sure try!

Here we go.. my two and a half weeks in Brazil with girlfriends seemed like a dream. We spent first 2 days in Rio and fell in love with this unique city immediately. then we spent 2 days admiring the gorgeous Iguazu falls. Then two days in São Paulo which was a pleasant surprise – a city of great bars, culture, nightlife and food. And then back to the fabulous Rio de Janeiro.

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First of all I have to say that I felt save in Brazil. More save than in Spain, France , Portugal. The whole thing  about Brazil not being save if so much blown up in media, it´s sad. Of course you have to be careful in cities like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and take care of you thing to avoid pick-pocket – just like in any other city in the world!

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And locals are very kind and always reminded us to not have our iPhones out in the street, not to wear a lot of expensive jewelry and not to take bags to the beach  -just not to get attention of pick-pockets. But seriously, during my two and a half week trip I never got mugged or met any travelers who had any problems of this sort in Brazil. Just use some common seance and don´t wonder alone in the middle of the night and so on. And you will have the best time of you life!


And oh my gosh Brazil is so beautiful! Nature is just so much more impressive. After I saw Iguazu waterfalls – I don´t have to see any other waterfall since these are the best! Make sure to see the falls from both Brazil and Argentina side.

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This time I explored the cost line between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo called Costa Verde (the green coast). Ilha Grande and the small island are gorgeous. I wish I had more time there. Next time I want to explore the coastline North of Rio like Buzios and Salvador.

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And this last picture is from our hike in Dois Irmãos overlooking Ipanema beach. To start the hike you have to go through Vidigal favela. Yes, we went to favela on our own without a guide – and yes, it was completely fine. Of course we check before to make sure it was safe, and it was.

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