Hiking Dois Irmãos

There are million things to do in Rio de Janeiro and seeing this unique city from the top of a mountain is definitely a must do.

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Rio is surrounded by mountains and even have several mountains in the city which makes this city so unique. So we decided to climb some of these mountains. The Dois Irmãos is a short and relatively easy hike. Well it did not feel super easy in the 35 degree heat so remember to take a bottle of water with you!

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Dos Irmãos mountains are two mountains between Ipanema and São Conrado beaches.

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To get to the beginning of the trail you need to get though the Vidigal favela (sounds scary, but it is safe). Police is patrolling in favela and it is one of the safe ones.

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We took a taxi to Vidigal favela (around 10reai from Ipanema),  but you can also take a bus that goes to São Conrado and you can easily see the entrance of favela from the bus (soon after you pass Ipanema and Leblon beaches). The taxi will not go in favela but you can take a motorbike taxi (5reai) or a van(2-3reai) to the top.

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We took a motorbike taxis tot he top – it was so fun! That was a great way to see a favela – no tour, no touristy stuff, just a great of beaten track way of seeing Rio.

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We had a gorgeous view of Ipanema, Leblon and Arpoador beaches which happen to be my favourite beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

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Rio is fabulous. This city has everything – you can chill out at the beach, got to buzzing and busy cafes, escape out in nature, do sports, go shopping, get you mani&pedi done and enjoy the best juices in the world – all in one place.

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I am in love with Rio. And I will try to show my fun adventures in RIO :) so you would fall in love with Rio too

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