Costa Verde

Costa Verde a astonishing costal area just South of Rio de Janeiro. I did one of popular options and took a day trip to Costa Verde from Rio. If you have more time in Brazil I definitely suggest to spend few days exploring Costa Verde. Costa Verde is gorgeous!

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Costa Verde has 365 islands with most popular and biggest island Ilha Grande. I took a boat tour which I booked trough hostel – it is the easiest option – you get picked up at 7am, 2 or 3 hour bus ride later you arrive in one of the local villages where you get on the boat. Our boat had lunch and snacks included, also a bar and a band – all set for entertainment. We stopped at few gorgeous beaches where we could dip in and sunbathe. There day tours cost around 130reai and is a great deal!

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Costa Verde really deserves it’s name the Green Coast or the perfect escape from Rio into tropical forests and wonderful islands (if you would ever want to escape Rio!)

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Ilha Grande is an island about 3-4 hours drive from Rio or 7-9 hours drive from São Paulo, plus 1-2 hours off the coast by boat. If you want to catch a boar to Ilha grande you have 3 options: Mangaratiba, Conceição de Jacareí, and Angra dos Reis with regularly scheduled boats to Ilha Grande’s main village called Abraão. There are no ATM’s on the island so get some cash out before you go!

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We really wanted to visit Paraty but all the buses from Sao Paulo were booked since it was Christmas so if you are traveling at a busy times remember to book bus tickets in advance! Paraty is a very popular Brazilian town by the beach with colonial buildings and heritage and of course beautiful beaches – this is paradise after all.

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Costa Verde is for sure a must see place in Brazil. I suggest you to take at least 3 days to explore it! And lots and lots of memory space in your camera ;)