Must see places in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is now my favourite city, not jut in Brazil – in the whole world. It is simply so beautiful and unique and overs everything from gorgeous beaches to mountains with panoramic views and of course a very lively and beautiful city.

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Iguazu Waterfalls was for sure the most amazing nature experience I had. I saw both the Brazil and Argentina sides of Iguazu falls (Cataratas) and both were slightly different and amazing. It is hard to explain and to even comprehend when you are there how enormous these falls are.


Costa Verde is a gorgeous coastal area just South of Rio de Janeiro. More than 300 islands with cute beaches and tropical forests seem like a movie scene. I took a day tour from Rio but I wish I had spent a few days exploring the coast and Ilha Grande.

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Sao Paulo is one of the biggest and most underrated cities in South America. It feel kind of like the New York of the South. City full of culture, great cuisine and fantastic night life. Sipping a cocktails on a rooftop bar definitely seemed like I was back in the Big Apple but with a very

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Of course these were the places that I visited in my last trip, but the list continues. Brazil is huge and it would take months and even years to really travel it all.

Next time I will visit coast on the North of Rio de Janeiro where famous sports like Buzios can be found. Buzios is a gorgeous coastal area with many crystal clear beaches that are great for sports and often mentioned as one the the most beautiful places on earth. Since it is only 2 hour drive from Rio it is doable for a day tour to escape the city. Although who want’s to escape Rio right? I did not, but next time I will make sure to visit Buzios too.

Salvador is another city I would say is a must see. Salvador is the biggest city in the North East region called Bahia. It is vibrant city with lots of African heritage.

Amazon rainforest is also a must see place and so different from the rest of Brazil. Either you are a nature person or not, the Amazon river is fascinating to everyone.