Rundale Palace

After moving away from Latvia, I have become the biggest tourist enthusiast of the country. So after reading all about how Rundale Palace is the must see place in Latvia I decided to check it out.


I must admit I was impressed and a bit surprised that I had never visited it before. It is only an hour drive from Riga, near a city called Bauska. Also just a short drive from the Lithuanian border. The Rundale Palace is famous for its huge park with rose gardens. The palace is enormous and recently been reconstructed.


Rundale Palace was built in 1730s in Baroque and Rococo style. You can go in an see the magnificent halls and apartments and the entrance tickets are under 5 eur.


If you want to see the gardens blooming, summer is of course the best time to go. But they have various events throughout the year.


Rundale Palace was built for the for the Dukes of Courland what is now Latvia. What wowed me is that this was just their summer residence! Jelgava Palace was their main palace (also in Baroque style) and is now the main building of Latvia University of Agriculture.


Oh, there are also little golf carts in the garden with guides who can take you on a little tour through the Park. It is only 2eur and I recommend it as the park is quite large and would take you a while to walk though.. unless you really really love walking..


Well this is what all the buzz is about and honestly, this stunning Palace is worth the visit!



I kind of got the feeling that I am in Paris or Vienna while I was visiting the Rundale Palace. And it makes sense, since the Rundale Palace was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli.