How to spend 2 days in Riga

I just got a mail from my friend: We are in Riga today, we are staying for two days. Where should we go, what should we see?

Luckily I have just been in Riga few weeks ago so I have plenty of update tips for you :)

What to see in Riga?

  • Spend most of your time walking around in the Riga old town (Vecriga) which is between embankment and canal
  • Grab a tourist map and take a selfie in fron og: Brivibas piemineklis (freedom monument), Laima clock, Dome cathedral, St.Peter church, Riga castle, Pulvertoirnis, Town Hall Square (Ratslaukums), Konventa Seta (Convent), The Bastion Hill, Opera..
  • Buy fresh berries in Riga Central market – one of biggest and oldest in Europe (interesting to see – behind train station)
  • Go for a stroll in the Riga Art Nouveau area around Alberta street


Got more time to spend in Riga?

  • If you have already been in Jurmala beach, check out some of the city beaches: Lucavsalas park – island in middle of river by the Salu tilts ( the island bridge) where you can wakeboard and play beach volley etc. can get there with 19th and 24th trolleybus or 10min in taxi
  • Kalnciema kvartals  (kalnciema quarter with wooden architecture) in the other side of the river with live music and food courts and seasonal crafts markets. Bus number 43 and 53 will get you there in 20 min
  • Ethnographic Open Air Museum – tram number 6 will take around 40min..
  • Ķīšezers – lake north east Riga has several windsurfing and other water sport rental places near Cabo cafe


Practical info: Public transport in Riga is great

If you need public transport you can check rout maps here

Tram map









Enjoy! I know I did!