London baby!

London is perfect for a weekend break, and being such big a metropolis it is fun to see no matter if it is the 1st or the 99th time you visit. But this is not a “Top 10 London Attractions” post (there are plenty of those floating in the blogosphere) – rather “me and the city” post


I have been in London countless times (even ‘lived’ there a few weeks if you can call a few weeks living not stopping by) and somehow I have never posted about London. Shame on me! However, this time I wont make a list of 101 things to do in London, rather share my general experience from various times I have visited the charming and ever changing London.


I fly to London few weekends a year to catch up with my friends and of course shop a little. So every time I go to London I like to explore a new area and rediscover the city.


First few times, as usual, you can’t help but to do touristy thinks, see touristy sights – after all, it’s London we are talking about. You have to take a photo in the red phone booth and the red double decked bus, and of course ride the bus in the front seat on the top floor. Shopping at Oxford street is only fun in the few first times, soon you get tired of the crowd and choose more convenient options like the Westfield Stratford shopping mall which I often visit on mt way back to the airport.


I have spend my share of time in busy cities and it is a never ending debate if this is kind of place I would like to escape to or escape from. You know, since travel in theory is escaping from the mundane life. One thing I am sure about: even though it rains often in London, there are plenty of places where you can escape the rain, like visit a museum: the British Museum and the Natural History museum are worth a visit, but my favourite is the Victory and Albert museum.


You have your culture and shopping and all the fun in the world you would like to have whether you are on a budget or not. If you are on a budget you can simply spend all day walking around and taking photos of the Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey, The houses of Parliament and Big Ben etc. and have a pick-nick at the Hyde park.. or a pint in a pub or cocktail in a fancy restaurant – whatever is your preference


London Eye is another experience worth a try if you are not afraid of highs. As you may have notice, I love rooftop terraces and bars with a nice view & luckily for me, London has plenty!


I am not the kind to go to Madam Tussaud’s (although I bet it is interesting to see) but I rather sit in Trafalgar Square, have a cup of cappuccino and watch the city go by.


And as much as London is about sights, it is also about the millions of people living there & some of them luckily are my friends who I love to visit so we can enjoy the city together. So cheers to them :)