how to make the most of 4 hours in Amsterdam

If you have a layover in Amsterdam it is a great opportunity to at least get a feel of the city. Just hop on the train, it is the most convenient way to get to Amsterdam center, it takes only 15min and costs just 4eur.

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We went for a walk thought the cute little streets with small bridges over canals. Amsterdam had not been on my ‘must see cities’ list but I am so glad I had the chance to get to know this charming place.

Tip: check out the Reguliersgracht (the Seven Bridges)


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Taking a canal tour bout would be a great option, but since we were just girls, we opted to raid the stores and buy some goodies from Amsterdam.

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You can take some of the busy big streets with popular stores and check out the little streets with amazing petite boutiques, like this one:

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We did not have much of an agenda than to feel the vibe of the city and explore. We got a cup of coffee to go an enjoyed a slow walk back to the train station.

Try to find the Trompettersteeg – it is Amsterdam’s narrowest street being only 1 meter wide!

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And I do love the vibe of Amsterdam. It is definitely on my bucket list for a long weekend trip so I can get to know this charming city.

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Cozy coffee shops of course is an important part of what makes Amsterdam famous. And bicycles, tons of bicycles.


And the some more bicycles and tall, beautiful people.. :)

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I hope next time I will have enough time for a canal tour – looked cozy and relaxing.