Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Best layover ever! I flew from New York JFK to London via Iceland. I had a choice to either have a very short layover or to spend a whole day (10h) in Iceland – and I am so glad I chose to explore Iceland. What a unique place!


In stead of going to Reykjavik I opted for soaking in the Blue Lagoon, just a short drive from the airport.


The entrance to the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa starts from 35eur. Reykjavik airport offers bus tours to the Blue Lagoon straight from the airport so it is very convenient 20min ride.


If you can, try to go off season – less tourists and a bit cheaper. I was there in September. The air was cold and crisp & the geothermal water felt amazing and so warm (some place hot and steamy). As you see I have a funny looking mask on my face: you can just try the silica mud masks they have in the crates around the lagoon for free.


The water has this milky white/ light blue colour – it is from silica, algae and minerals in the water.


It is just out of this world experience. In addition to the thermal waters, there are saunas, steam rooms and a relaxation area. Of course you can also get massages and spa treatments. Afterwards you can get some food and drinks at their cafe, bar and restaurant.


The landscape is just out of this planet..


It does not look real but it is! no Photoshop needed. I will return to Iceland for a closer look one day