Packing list – summer dress

Packing for trips can be quite hectic. Even in summer when you don’t think you will pack that much, but then you do. Especially us – women. We over-pack all the time. The problem is we not only want to be practical, we also want to look good. But seriously, tell me the last time you used every single item that you packed for your trip? ..Yeah, though so.

zib tunika

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Well this summer, there was an item that I packed for every single trip and actually used in every trip – a violet dress from ZIB. I love it for several reasons – is very pretty, gives a great colour pop, is very thin and light (so it literally take no space and weight in my bag and is super fast to dry).

Here, just to show you how little space it takes I folded it neatly next to a 5 dollar note. Of course, if you roll your clothes to save space, it takes even less space.


You can dress is down and dress it up; I have worn this dress at the beach, at a music festival, at a fancy dinner, for going for get drinks with colleagues, going clubbing and so on. As it is a chiffon tunic it also goes very well with leggings for a chilly evening. (Simple black leggings is also always in my travel bag – even when you are going to a tropical destination, it can get a bit cold in the plane). As a multipurpose clothing I would usually chose something black, but as this is summer dress I went for bold and colorful and I am so glad I did.

Here is me, enjoying beautiful sunset in Croatia after a lovely dinner in one of the local restaurants. A dress with high heels and a purse and I am ready to conquer the city.


On excursion to see the Rundale Palace when I was visiting my family in Latvia:


It is beach-time!


By the way… Did I mention that I love sushi?


When I visited Latvia, I went to Positivus Festival and it was awesome! And guess what I wore? Yes, my ZIB dress once again

2014-07-22 08.25.10

Damn, this dress has traveled a lot this summer :)

I order my dress online on Etsy from a company called ZIB. While I don’t think they have the Barocco bird violet chiffon tunic, there are plenty of cool ZIB tunics and dresses you can buy online here. Oh, and I really like that I could choose the length of the dress when I ordered it. As I am quite tall, I hate when I order something online and then I get it and it is way too short. There were actually a few dresses that I could not choose between so I made my boyfriend pick one – I think he did a great job :)