Escape to Autumn wonderland

As lyrics of a popular Latvian song says ” nāk rudens apgleznot Latviju” (autumn comes to paint Latvia) this land of forests turns into beautiful canvas for the magic of Autumn. The leaves turn yellow, orange and red and it is oh so beautiful!


If want to have a nice autumn trip – Latvia in October is a must. If you have time for a day trip – Sigula is one of the best places to visit with many hills and caves and air trolley to catch the best view. But Riga itself is also wonderful in fall with its many parks and promenades.


The best part is that you don’t even have to go out of the city to enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn in Latvia – most of these photos are taken in the center of Riga.


I am a city girl and I prefer summer – yet autumn can be very charming. Especially on a sunny weekend when you have your last chance to enjoy a cappuccino on an outdoor cafe.


And you are never to old to be a big kid and jump in a pile of leaves.


For more parks and wooden architecture head to the left side of the river Daugava to an are called Pārdaugava (yes it literally means ‘over the rived Daugava’).


You can just hop on the tram number 10 and head to Arkadijas Park, it will only take you 10-15min to get there. It is a cute park with some ponds and remember some bread to feed the ducks. It is not a touristy place, mostly popular with locals, and on weekends you can spot some wedding limos stopping here to take photos. Great place for a run too if you like to keep fit wile traveling.


Back to the city center – stroll around the house the Opera.


And if you feel like it rent one of the little boat or canoes in the canal.