About me

Welcome to IamTourist!

I am an explorer. I am an expat. I am a globetrotter. I am a traveler.

Some people live to work, some work to live – I live to travel.

My name is Ieva Zelca, I am in my twenties & I have been living abroad and and changing postcodes for over 7 years and with a passion to travel and explore places I have not yet been to.

I have worked in Business Tourism industry Marketing some of the most popular Convention Bureaus and Convention Centers & have an Bachelor degree in International Tourism Management from UK and Master degree in Tourism from Denmark. Oh yes, and I travel a lot!


Currently I work as a Marketing Coordinator in Århus, Denmark & previously I have lived in:

New York, USA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Juan les Pins, France,
Southampton, United Kingdom
Riga, Latvia

There are people who love traveling, but I am addicted! Since I can remember, I am always checking for new adventures and planing my future trips. This blog started off as me share my travel tips with my friends who were always asking me about my adventures. That’s probably because I constantly check for cheaper flights, better deals and if I want to get somewhere – I will!  I decided to share some of the things I have done and wish to do. I blog about my adventures, places you really have to visit and the best ways to do it.