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Danish wind will blow you away. Literary.

This is not a drill. Save yourself – the wind in Denmark can get crazy! My boss was laughing when I left the office looking like this, but at least my face did… Continue reading

ARoS Modern Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark

ARoS is one of the biggest tourism attractions in Aarhus (the second biggest city in Denmark – it’s also written as Århus).   The most exciting part of ARoS is the Rainbow Panorama view… Continue reading

Where do you like to watch your movie? Swimming pool!

I was completely in love with the whole idea of watching movies under stars this summer in New York. It happens in various locations around the city (beaches,parks and rooftops mostly) and is… Continue reading

Køge – quiet danish beach town

Køge is a cute and quiet little town about 40km South from Copenhagen. It is easy to get there in 45min from downtown Copenhagen by E line S-train (S-tog in Danish) – and remember every… Continue reading

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