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Escape to Autumn wonderland

As lyrics of a popular Latvian song says ” nāk rudens apgleznot Latviju” (autumn comes to paint Latvia) this land of forests turns into beautiful canvas for the magic of Autumn. The leaves… Continue reading

Liepāja – West Coast of Latvia

Liepāja – the city where the wind was born. So says an old Latvian song. But don’t let that scare you away. Although it can be a bit windy from time to time, it… Continue reading

How to spend 2 days in Riga

I just got a mail from my friend: We are in Riga today, we are staying for two days. Where should we go, what should we see? Luckily I have just been in… Continue reading

Rundale Palace

After moving away from Latvia, I have become the biggest tourist enthusiast of the country. So after reading all about how Rundale Palace is the must see place in Latvia I decided to… Continue reading

Staro Rīga Festival lights up Riga

I went to visit my hometown Riga last weekend and it so happened to be the Independence day aka the 94th birthday of Latvia. If you visit Latvia during autumn/ winter this is… Continue reading

Nice job! Riga – Latvia

I am so happy to see that destination marketing in Latvia is finally picking up! Especially when I appreciate Latvia and Riga so much more since I moved away and explore it as… Continue reading

Indulge in Riga

Thanks to the contest organised by Live Riga (Riga Tourism Development Bureau) on their Facebook Page I had a chance to spend 4 fabulous days in Riga. Lets start with the best part of… Continue reading

Christmas Tree and Riga

Finally there is a commercial about my hometown Riga that I actually like! Watch it – it’s just so cute! If Your are not scared of cold – visit Riga in snow white winter. I… Continue reading

looking at Riga

Riga was the city I spent the first 19 years of my life.. Now, when I visit it once in a while, I look at Riga differently – like a tourist. And you know… Continue reading

Jurmala – the Latvian beach

Jurmala is not just a city by the beach – it is the biggest resort in the Baltic States.. It is very close to the capital Riga and the airport. 33km white sand beach… Continue reading

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