Sausalito and Alcatraz

There are so many places to see out and about San Francisco. Walk the Golden Gate bridge and check out the amazing San Francisco skyline Golden Gate bridge leads not only to the beautiful and… Continue reading

California sunsets

In the cold and short winter days I am dreaming about my next trip to Cali This is my ode to the beautiful sunsets in California. This one I took on the train… Continue reading

Welcome to San Francisco

One of my best days in my backpacking trip was surfing in the morning in San Diego and cooling down in the evening in San Francisco. It’s only one hour flight away. I… Continue reading

San Diego, California

The next stop (and maybe the best stop) in my backpacking trip through US was San Diego. I fell in love with San Diego the minute I arrived, no maybe even earlier –… Continue reading

26 hours in LA

My next stop in backpacking trip was Los Angeles, CA This place is sure special. I was surprised how huge and diverse is LA. You can see a lot of crazy and funny stuff in the… Continue reading

Orlando – the city, not the amusement parks

Back to my back-pacing trip.. stop 2: Orlando, FL I will show you a slightly different Orlando this time.. You can read about my adventures in Disney World and Universal Studios in my post 2 years ago.… Continue reading

Infographics.. about me

this is a result of an idea last night

California backpackers

Just had to share this quick update: good news for California backpackers (or anyone who wants to get around California with a cheap  bus): Megabus starts services in California! they have cheap tickets,… Continue reading

Staro Rīga Festival lights up Riga

I went to visit my hometown Riga last weekend and it so happened to be the Independence day aka the 94th birthday of Latvia. If you visit Latvia during autumn/ winter this is… Continue reading

ARoS Modern Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark

ARoS is one of the biggest tourism attractions in Aarhus (the second biggest city in Denmark – it’s also written as Århus).   The most exciting part of ARoS is the Rainbow Panorama view… Continue reading

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