ATLANTA, GA was my first top in the US/Canada trip. It’s easy to get there pretty much from everywhere. I took Delta from New York JFK airport as that was the cheapest option… Continue reading

Where do you like to watch your movie? Swimming pool!

I was completely in love with the whole idea of watching movies under stars this summer in New York. It happens in various locations around the city (beaches,parks and rooftops mostly) and is… Continue reading

Backpacking in North America – GA, FL, CA, BC

Hello travelers.. first of all – sorry for being a lazy blogger and just too busy to post.. I have spent the last year in New York (exploring it day and night, it… Continue reading

sailing in New York City

The best way to start 2012 was to see the big apple from the Hudson River Great weather for a 1st January sail and amazing views of Downtown Manhattan from the boat We started in Jersey City,… Continue reading

Nice job! Riga – Latvia

I am so happy to see that destination marketing in Latvia is finally picking up! Especially when I appreciate Latvia and Riga so much more since I moved away and explore it as… Continue reading

the lovely Boston

As I am currently living in New York, I decided o explore a bit around and went to Boston last weekend.  And I was surprised, very positively surprised – I love Boston! Its kind of… Continue reading

home exchange holidays

Ever since I watched the movie Holiday, I have been thinking that it is a really good idea. Not just because you save money, but the holiday is more authentic, more real/local and its exciting.… Continue reading

swiss air

Swiss International Air Lines or Swiss air is quickly becoming one of my favorite airlines in Europe. Feeding free Swiss chocolate and wine on-board is the way to make your customers like you. It certainly worked on me. Now when most… Continue reading


an interesting video on BBC fast track on airports of the future – aerotropolis tourism geeks like me will say ‘I was just thinking the same thing!’

Miami South Beach

oh God how I miss Miami South Beach today.. it’s the end of winter when you can’t wait for the summer- it’s  time to remember the hottest beach ever.. Miami South Beach! I was there in the… Continue reading

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