Iguazu Waterfalls, Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu Waterfalls are the most amazing creation of nature I have ever seen. I have taken so many photos but none of the can begin to describe the magnitude of this nature wonder.


We flew to Foz du Iguazu from Rio de Janeiro with GOL. It is an easy 2 hour flight but I must say it was a hassle to book with foreign card (I even ordered a credit card for this purpose). We stayed at the Favela Chique Histel – very cute, artistic and eclectic and only 40 reai – a real bargain. Back to the San Paulu we took an overnight bus – very comfortable. Practival info – save money on the cheap taxis (around30-40reai) and take even cheaper bus number 120 – it goes from airport to the National Park of the Iguazu Falls and to city center and costs just under 3 reai!


These first photos are of Brazil side of the Iguazu waterfalls. This was the big question – is Brazil or Argentina side better? We I am glad that we saw both side but if I would have to choose I would go for Argentina. If you have 2 days you can have to see both sides!


The Brazil side (above) is more with panoramic views. The entrance costs 50 reai and we walked it trough in about 1,5 hours. Perfect option on the arrival day when you have half day to spend.


The Argentina side was more impressive in my opinion as we got to see how humongous are the waterfalls and the excursion took all day. We took an arranged excursion that we booked through hostel – it makes everything more hassle free and the guide Valentina was great!


The excursion on Argentina side coasted us 140reai with ticked included in the price (170pesos) and it is a great deal since we saved a lot of time on the boarder. They pick you up from hostel in a van, so it is a tour for around 10 people. One thing I have to say – boat tour is a must. Not only this will be the best refreshing shower in the 33 degree Celsius heat – you can also get an amazing rush and view of the waterfall. Just pure fun and refreshment.


Seeing the Devils Through was simply amazing. The constant rainbow going through the waterfall is astonishing. This is the thing everyone should see one in life. And there are so many waterfalls in the system – it is like 100 Niagara waterfalls combined and that doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome this place is. Plus you get to see some cute animals, like iguanas, little monkeys, colorful birds, beautiful butterflies and these cute munchkins (called coati).


The Foz du Iguazu city was bigger than I expected and the road signs were pretty funny. Good morning, where would you like to go today? Uruguay, Argentina or stay in Brazil? :)


Oh yes, you can see the waterfall from Uruguay as well but Argentina and Brazil are the more popular ones to choose. Remember you have o pay in pesos in Argentina and in reai in Brazil (but for National Park entrances you can pay with card).